By Sophie Sylvia



So much has happened in the H&H abode

Over the past six months, we thought we'd give everyone a snapshot of our year in review: where we've been, where we're at, and where we're hoping to go in the months ahead.



It has been quite the year so far. Growing past our projections. Expanding our full-time team, with Ty quitting his day job to fully dedicate himself to H&H. Sourcing new leaders, thus expanding collections.Taking on the task to keep up inventory in a Spokane local collaborative space. Participating in two shows, one in San Francisco, another Spokane. Investing in new equipment to help us meet higher demands.




Currently, Teddi's focus is on the design aspect of both current and future designs (her favorite part). Naturally, the vision behind H&H has evolved over the past couple years, but one thing that has and will remain is the draw toward simple, clean design. 
Ty's focus is on the logistical side of things, specifically the sourcing of new varieties of ethically sourced and economically sound leathers. This has been at the forefront of his mind this year and we have made huge strides in our sourcing department from his hard work. 




As design refinement and expansion is at the top of Teddi's priority list, you will start to see quite a few designs retire as new come into being - the hope is that the vision will only getting clearer and clearer with each new design this year. The Elle tote is a great example of what you can anticipate in the months to come.

As Ty is changing the game on the sourcing front, you can also anticipate limited runs of certain leathers, as we are beginning to purchase hides that are not produced in mass quantities. Along with new and limited leather varieties, you can also keep your eye out for other mixed materials (i.e. canvas & fabrics), as we are entertaining the working with other materials as we look toward the future.


With that being said, thank you. Past, present and future, we are grateful to you for choosing us. 

Teddi & Tyler Cripps
Co-Owners, Hustle & Hide Co



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