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As you can see, Hustle & Hide has undergone some big changes.

Six months ago, we conducted a survey seeking feedback from our customers regarding various aspects of H&H. We received such extensive feedback from that single survey, and for that, we THANK YOU, because it became the catalyst for this relaunch - influencing and shaping the changes that have taken place. From website navigation to design refinement, we’ve restructured and implemented changes to make your shopping experience the best it can be.  

The changes we’ve made:


on every domestic order, with no minimum purchase. 


Refinement of almost every single previous design we offered, with changes and additions made according to the feedback we’ve received from those using our work. This has been the main focus of our launch - not to create a ton of brand new designs, but rather refine the hell out of the ones that have become our foundation and continue to build off of them. Some of these refinements include: restructuring and resizing, new leather, new finishing techniques with stitching and zippers, adjusting of dimensions to better pair with others designs, etc.


Completely new, ethically sourced leather (over 90% of it being tanned here in the US), with more color and weight variations than ever before.


The launch of the H&H JOURNAL, where we’re doing a monthly feature (interview and photo blog) of women in our community who we’ve been able to connect with through our work. Our main intention with this journal is to highlight the incredible women we’ve had the opportunity to create for, and help bridge the disconnect we experience by solely selling online. We are so excited for the chance to get to know you better through this journal. 


Maker friends, Kelsey Johnson from KJ Pottery, and Teddi Cripps from H&H, have come together to merge their two crafts. The plant hangers are only the first of their collection.


    A new site with the following features:

    Videos for each design, to give you a better idea of details, features and size.

    Process videos of the H&H team, including glimpses into our day to day and behind the scenes into our creative process.

    More variations per design, including leather colors and weights, customizations and sizes.

    A “pairings” collection, where you can see which designs pair well together.

    A “seasonal favorites” collection, where we’ve styled and curated our favorite designs for each season. 

    A "last chance" section of the site, where we will list designs available in our small batch/soon to retire leather. We will also do quarterly sample sales in this section of the site as well.

    Easier navigation when shopping collections, with a more organized design layout.

    A more in-depth look at the history, vision and H&H team. 

    Leather care instructions for how to keep your bag(s) in tip top shape. 


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