The big impact of microbusinesses




My brain is currently on overdrive at the moment, so forgive me while I spew all of today's happenings in one large conglomeration. 

It was a jam-packed day of prep work for our first congressional meetings tomorrow, but full in the very best of ways. I'm learning more than I could have ever anticipated, and I'm feeling so inspired to stand and deliver tomorrow as we go into our first set of meetings. 

So here's a snapshot of the issues at hand:

1. Net neutrality 

2. Internet sales tax

3. Economic security & portable benefits

4. Trade & international shipping

I will write more in depth about each of the issues another time, but all I can say right now is that hearing the stories of my fellow 20 Etsy sellers that are here advocating with me has been an extremely powerful experience. Tomorrow we will make a difference, for microbusinesses on a macro level. I could not be more stoked.

For now, goodnight.


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