I have some exciting news to share: 

Etsy has asked me, along with a small group of fellow Etsy makers, to join them in Washington DC as they meet with members of Congress to speak and advocate on behalf of small business owners around the US. 

We will be addressing a handful of issues (i.e. net neutrality, specific state/federal tax implementation, etc) that directly affect people within the small business sector around the nation. Small businesses are the foundation of our country and play a vital role in the US economy, and I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity to speak on behalf of my own personal experience with H&H and all my fellow small business owners.

Our meetings will take place in DC at the end of March, but I'm going to be blogging and sharing a bit about the specific issues in depth throughout the month if you'd like to follow along! I'll post snippets via Instagram and Facebook as well.


Teddi Cripps

Owner, Hustle & Hide Co

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