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From HUSTLE & HIDE to TEDDI JOELLE: the heart behind the rebrand.

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After three years, what started on a random whim as a grad school side-job has turned into something bigger and more beautiful than I could have imagined. A gift, really.


Hustle & Hide has experienced many vastly different seasons and changes - all equally beautiful for what they have held and represented in our journey as a whole. 


Now, roughly three years in business, this company has become my life's work. With a growing team of five, I am no longer questioning the longevity of what we are doing - we are here for the long haul and have big goals and dreams for the future ahead. In this new season of sustainability, I have found myself evaluating the direction and vision for the company with more clarity and eagerness than ever before.


As today marks the first day of our clothing launch, we are moving beyond bags into a world we are hoping to vastly explore and expand into. With this, I have realized that it is time for our name to align with the direction we are heading. This is why from today on, we will now be known as TEDDI JOELLE. There's nothing more personal and lasting than a name, and those are the two things we are are constantly striving our work to speak. I know this is a big move, but it is one we are deeply excited about and confident is the right next step for us.

-Teddi Cripps, Owner 


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  • Nisha Basu: December 11, 2018

    I am so happy for you. I still use my Hustle and Hide bag I got in 2015 every day! The Sirah Tote. Can’t imagine a better bag!!

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