By Teddi Cripps


by Teddi

When I think of Alina, I think of wellness.

She has this way about her that is genuine and kind - she makes you feel comfortable within moments of meeting her. 

The first time we connected was after Ty and I launched our olive green leather collection. Alina reached out and asked if she could possibly stop by to feel the newness before placing an order. From the time I opened our front door to let her in, I knew we'd be friends in some capacity - her kindness is like a breath of fresh air. 

Everyone, meet Alina. 


What kinds of things feed your soul? 

Music is huge for me, especially indie/alternative and opera. I'm actually a part of a couple groups here in Spokane - the Spokane Symphony Chorale and another group called the Le Donne Choir. I think I love music so much because it allows me to create community with like-minded people. To me, it has really become a common ground for connection - because I think, at the core of it, the people are really what feed my soul.

Yoga and mindfulness are other avenues that also give me a lot of sustenance. Mindfulness has really helped me find joy in things outside of relationship with others. It has helped me have a greater presence in life, which has brought a lot of joy and gratitude along with it. I think my love for nature and all things outdoors flows from a similar place as well. Lately, I've been obsessed with the Yoga Girl podcast - I really appreciate the authenticity and positivity that Rachel Brathen brings to the table. 

What makes you feel empowered? 

When I work really hard at something that is seemingly impossible but I end up kicking ass and conquering it (i.e. crushing a solo opera performance). 

I just did a presentation for the River City Youth Ops where I presented to a group of kids about finances. I was so nervous going into it because I was presenting alone for over thirty minutes, but I overcame my fears and insecurities and completely crushed it and had a blast. It's this kind of thing when you feel like you can't but you do that makes me feel empowered.

Also, being around strong, good women - like my boss, Susan Jensen who is incredibly strong and whom I admire greatly - gives me a sense of empowerment. 

What has drawn and continues to draw you toward H&H? 

There's a culture about H&H that I identify with. I feel like you and Ty are strategic about the way you do things from a design perspective, but you're still incredibly real people. I LOVE the simplicity of your work and the intention that comes with it - I think I'm especially drawn to it because it represents a simplistic lifestyle that I love. And when I love the product and the people who make it, it's kind of a 10/10 I'm a customer forever kind of situation.

What goals/aspirations do you hold in the year ahead?

I want to focus on serving others better and find greater balance in my life when I think about the year ahead. I'd like to strive for greater internal peace, but simultaneously seek adventure. I think balance and wellness are definite priorities.





  • You are such a lovely, talented and kind young adult Alina. You are generous and authentic and loads of fun! Your genuine personality and positivity is what draws and keeps friends, colleagues, members/clients, and peers to you!

    Susan N. on

  • Alina, you are beautiful inside and out! ? You’re a bright light in this world and I thank God that our paths crossed so we can walk through life together and support one another along the way. I’ve learned a lot from you. Keep kicking butt my friend!!!

    Susan on

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