What an incredible eight years it has been...

Hi, friends.
It feels so surreal to even be typing this, but here we are.
This year has taken so many unexpected turns for us, and never would we have anticipated closing shop on bag production, but through a series of unexpected opportunities and moments of great clarity, Ty and I have come to the realization that it is time for us to enter into a new season.
Last October, I stepped away from my counseling practice to focus on motherhood and running the business, and since then I have realized that at the end of the day, no matter how much I love TJ and everything that it entails, my greater calling and purpose right now is in the field of mental health. I am wired for it, and ever since becoming a mom, I feel an even greater pull toward it. It gives me purpose in a way that I’ve come to realize designing and creating cannot satiate, at least in this current season of life. This isn’t something that has happened overnight by any means… it has been a gradual progression of change and a slow reprioritization of the things that are most important to myself and my family over the past couple years. So, I’m leaning into the calling in front of me and have decided to grow my counseling practice along with some new exciting endeavors within the field of wellness.
Ty has been unified in his desire for change as well. He is pursuing his dreams of product design/development within the outdoor and hunting industry and I can’t wait to watch him use the skills and knowledge he has gained throughout the years as he enters into a position that is going to bring him so much joy and purpose. He’s going to crush it on all fronts.  
So with all this being said, what do logistics and timeline look like from here for TJ? We are not closing the doors on our company completely as there is still the possibility of clothing/other fun things in the future if the time comes, but we are saying goodbye to our leather goods production.  
We just launched a big sale to give you one last chance to purchase some leathery goodness from us, and we will gradually announce dates/times as we begin approaching our final close on bag production. It is going to be a process… this will not be happening overnight. We’ll keep you informed in the days ahead as things progress so keep your eyes and ears peeled.
The closing of this chapter is so beyond bitter sweet, friends. We are so proud of the beautiful thing that has become Teddi Joelle over the past eight years. It has been our baby and life’s work up until this point, and we are so grateful for each one of you who has walked through this journey with us and tenaciously supported us along the way. So many of you have become such dear friends throughout the years and we are honored that you have chosen us over and over again to create for you. Thank you.
And as always, please reach out to us with questions, thoughts, inspirations, all the things :)
So much love and a basket full of emotions,