We believe in mindful and intentional consumption. Thoughtful purchasing. Investing in things with longevity in mind, and decreasing waste and excess by doing so.


We are deeply invested in the entire process of our craft, from start to finish - always striving to do things the right way, with the acknowledgment and truth that there is always room for improvement and growth. Always. 


We love the fact that we work with materials that are purely organic in nature. Leather is such an incredible medium - beautiful, durable, wears well, and is resourceful.


We are passionate about sourcing responsibly - choosing only to purchase hides from tanneries that we know align with the same ethical standards and practices and environmental consciousness.


We do everything in-house at our studio in Spokane, Washington. Design, cut, sew, finish and ship, all in one place. This is an incredibly satisfying aspect of what we do, to be a part of the creation of something tangible and beautiful and personal from start to finish. To us, this is sacred.


From a design perspective, we aim to keep versatility and simplicity at the forefront. Leather is such a raw form, we strive to highlight its organic nature in each of our designs. We want our work to maintain a simplicity that transcends trends and still holds the capacity to cater to ones individual style and personal expression.