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We believe in mindful and intentional consumption. Thoughtful purchasing. Investing in things with longevity in mind, and decreasing waste and excess by doing so.

TEDDI JOELLE is rooted in the love of minimal, timeless design, and transparency and intentionality between both maker and consumer.

Teddi Cripps founded TEDDI JOELLE on a whim shortly after moving to Spokane, Washington from Long Beach, California in 2015 with her husband, Ty. What started from a desire to hand-stitch a small collection of minimal, timeless bags for Teddi's personal use, soon evolved into something much larger than she has ever intended.

TEDDI JOELLE organically evolved during her time attending Gonzaga University for her MA in Counseling Psychology, where connection and transparency where both greatly emphasized in her study and personal process at the time. As her love and understanding of counseling and human connection grew, so did her passion for design and creating with intentionality - she soon realized that the two were not isolated, but rather integrated. It was through this realization that the heart of TEDDI JOELLE was birthed and the emphasis on relationship between maker and consumer and thoughtful purchasing emerged.

Knowing the hands behind the goods you are acquiring, especially in the current climate of our fashion industry, is more important than ever. This, paired with our passion for timeless design, is why we do what we do.

When it comes to design, timelessness is key. It allows you to shift your perspective from short-term trends, to long-term investments. Accompanied with a desire for sourcing transparency, it deepens your level of care and responsibility for each piece you choose to invest in.  

Our entire clothing collection is designed, sourced, and created in-house from our studio in Spokane, Washington. We have a small, beautifully talented team, who is a part of every aspect of production. This is an incredibly satisfying part of what we do, to be a part of the creation of something tangible and beautiful and personal from start to finish. To us, this is special and sacred.

As of Summer 2019, our entire leather goods collection is designed in our Spokane studio and made in Northern Italy. In 2018, as our team began expanding and our in-house leather production capacity hit its limit, we got connected to a reputable leather-working team out of Northern Italy. Soon after the initial introduction, as visions and ethos aligned, a beautiful partnership was created. Today, our Spokane studio serves as the hub for product development and design, and the impeccable birth of our bags takes place by our Northern Italian friends.  

As a consumer myself, I love the fact that our work encourages a level of thoughtfulness and intentionality throughout the purchasing process. The pieces we are designing and putting out into the world are meant for long-term use, to be taken care of and invested in, they are made to last.

— Teddi Cripps, Owner and Founder

We want our work to maintain a simplicity that transcends trends and still holds the capacity to cater to ones individual style and personal expression.

From a design perspective, we aim to keep versatility and simplicity at the forefront. Creating pieces that are timeless and simple enough to leave room for individual expression is what we strive for.

The leather and textiles we work with are in such raw forms, we strive to highlight their organic nature in each of our designs, while still preserving the elegance and sophistication of the design itself and the impeccable execution that goes into crafting it.  

We are passionate about sourcing responsibly - choosing only to purchase and work with fabric manufacturers and tanneries that we know align with the same ethical standards, practices and environmental consciousness.

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