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Sevilla Smith is a shoemaker out of Barcelona, Spain. Her work evolves around the craft of old-world shoemaking, where every component is hand cut and the each shoe is hand-lasted. This method of shoemaking allows for a more sustainable approach, as the soles can eventually be rebuilt after extensive use. Just like our bags, so much love and attention to detail is invested in every single shoe Sevilla and her team puts out into the world.

This mule is the result of a collaborative effort - designed by Teddi and brought to life by Sevilla. 


Sevilla recommends going with the LARGER of your size range in this shoe. This allows for some space behind the heel and to allow the foot to enter fully into the mule. 

***EU size/ US size/ UK Size/Length of insole***
35EU / 5-5.5US / 3.5-4UK
36EU / 6US / 4.5UK 
37EU / 6.5-7US / 5-5.5UK
38EU / 7.5US / 6UK 
39EU / 8-8.5US / 6.5-7UK 
40EU / 9-9.5US / 7.5-8UK 
41EU / 10-10.5US / 8.5UK
42EU / 11-11.5US / 9.5UK

 Specifications & Notes:

  • Please note that the leather has been molded to shape and requires a break-in period for optimal comfort
  • Made from 100% traceable Italian full-grain vegetable-tanned bovine leather that only gets better with wear and time
  • Designed by TEDDI JOELLE, brought to life by Sevilla Smith and her incredible team of shoemakers